Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pretending to be something your not

So basically last night I was lying in bed thinking of cool things to draw and I felt very inspired, possibly due to the drugs I've been taking for my back after the stupid taxi driver crashed into me, although I doubt they were strong enough to encourage me that much seen's they didn't even ease the pain they were prescribed for! Anyway the theme of people/animals etc. pretending to be something they are not came into my mind and it was very interesting exploring it!

It started off as a light and fluffy cartooney style illustration inspiration. I imagined bold coloured, simple vector based illustrations like the kind you'd see on t-shirts, of animals dressed as more fierce or cooler animals you imagine they'd really like to be. Like the Dog dressed as the Lion I'd seen on Facebook . . (which triggered this whole thought process)

A Donkey dressed as a Unicorn, a Child wearing his Daddies work boots and Hard hat, a Boy dressed as a Superhero . . . . 

. . . A Woman wearing Fake tan, Fake nails, Fake boobs, Fake eyelashes, Fake hair, Fake height shoes. Fake image?...

Then I started to wonder about the darker side of people pretending to be something they are not.. An Abusive Spouse pretending to be a Loving Partner in public, a Pedophile with a Fake internet Profile, a Suicide Bomber posing as a Dedicated Religious Deciple.   
A Truth Seeker acting as a Criminal defense Lawyer, a Scared Child as a Playground Tough Guy, A Terrified Mother as a Brave Protector, an Unhappy Relationship posing as the Perfect Couple....

It struck me that so much of what I see people project into the world is Fake. Or them trying to be something they are not, or trying to project an image that is not real.

To be accepted. 
To be liked. 
To hide from reality. 
To be something they are not.

Of course some of it is for fun, or is a product of aspiration - a child dressing as their beloved parent or idol. Applying a bit of make up to give that little boost of confidence.  

But where does it end? When have we gone too far?
And why can't people just be honest with the world? 
Why are so many people hiding behind a made up public image?

Ohhh I really need to fill in the Gaps ...

Yep I've not written here in a very long time and gazzilions of things have changed since I last posted here! 4 years, Seesh! I will "fill in the gaps" at some stage.... but for now these few little sentences this will have to do...

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Evil Lure of the needle!

I've been contemplating getting into tattooing!
It's been on my mind for a long time...and I keep shrugging it off because I dont even have a feckin tattoo! I mean What kind of Tattoo Artist doesnt have a tattoo?!
Like I want one, just dont know what yet..and I want it to really mean something to me and I want to design it too. So when I figure all that out, then I'll get one.
But I just think I'd really Love to be a Tattoo Artist! It'd be sweet, Getting to draw all day and getting payed for it. And everyone'd think I was deadly :) ha ha, only jokin.
I could see myself being quite good at it though. Like I'd be able to do portrait tattoo's and all no bother I'd say. (once I did all the training and all of course.)
All these feckin Miami, LA and London Ink have me hooked!

But at the same time I'd say I'd be pissed off doin repetitive trend tattoo's. Like I wouldn't wanna do them on people if it was gonna be an obvious phase tattoo in a few years. Like the rose on the arm, or the dolphin on the belly everyone used to get to copy Mark Owen. Theres no way I'd want to be doin shit like that.
And I'm not into all the big skulls and tombstone biker type tattoos, wouldnt be interested in doin them at all!
I dunno..I'm just waffling now.
I've to design a tribal neck and shoulder tattoo for a friend, so we'll see how that goes. I'll prob post it up here if it's any good. I wish I could tattoo it on him! :)

Sidetrack Project...

I'd a few idea's for things I want to do and one of them was to make some clothes on zazzle!
I want to make a few with my paintings, photos etc on them, but I also saw a bit of a niche I might try tap into.. It's just a bit of an idea at the minute but we'll see what happens.

There's a lot more women going to see the matches these days, or at least to the pubs when the matches are on (the feckin hussies!)... and I think they could do with and would love to be able to buy some nice feminine Dublin supporting clothes to wear.
So I made this >> Up the Dubs!

My friend told me the seasons over till the Summer, God dam it!...but on the bright side that'll give me plenty of time to design up a load of really nice stuff by then :)

make custom gifts at Zazzle

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ian Francis

I found another Artist I really like!
His names Ian Francis and I found him in a book of Urban type Art called Outsiders. I just flicked through it, but Its a brilliant book, I have to get it.
Here's his website http://ifrancis.co.uk/ and here's the book. It reminds me of a banksy book I have, but it's got all different types and styles of Urban Art/Artists in it.
http://www.ektopia.co.uk/ektopia/archives/2008/11/01/outsiders-new-steve-lazarides-book I cant wait to get it actually, but I wasn't buying it there and then so I took down Ian Francis' name and googled it when I got home.
--I seem to have noticed a big trend in the Art I'm atracted to!
Before if anyone asked me, I wouldn't have been able to tell them what I like. But I seem to really like Figurative, Urban/Unfinished/Messy looking Colourful Art :). I know that might sound mad, but that's just the word's that came into my mind to describe it! Makes sense in my head anyway...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Defining moments

Isn't it funny how influenced we can be by the things people say?
A few years back I was in town and I met an old friend. She had gone on to study Art History or Fine Art or something. Anyway I had been painting away doing Lovers paintings and basically Figurative paintings from pictures I'd cut out of magazines and posters etc. I had photo's of my latest work with me and was really proud of them, so I showed her. She looked at them and she said:

"yeh they're really good but would you not use your own pictures to paint from? your just copying someone else's Art."

It was like a steam train hitting me.
I never thought of it like that before.
That's how I'd always made pictures. That's how I'd learned to draw, from copying another picture.
I went home that day on a downer.
What was I to do now?
It was true what she said. The pictures I was using were someone else's Art. Photographic Art. then I started to think about the photographer and maybe they'd be pissed off if they knew I was "copying" their Art. After all they had taken the time to come up with a concept, set up the shot, found the right angles, lighting etc to get that perfect shot. And then I come along, like what I see and just "copy" it.
So I decided I wasn't gonna copy anyone else's Art anymore.
But the pictures I'd been painting were of things I didn't have access to. I'd have to hire models and I didn't have the money for that.
I felt like I'd come up against a wall.
So I started taking lot's of photo's. I brought the camera everywhere with me. I had a dummies head and I took photo's of that from diffen't angles. I got some good shots and painted pictures of a few of them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waekEwXsYZ4

Then I was asked to paint a picture from one of Anne Geddes photographs. I had actually seen the picture before and wanted to paint it, but didn't because it was "someone elses Art." So at first I was like oh no, I don't want to. But it was for a friend and it was a present for her daughter who'd finally conceived after years of trying. The picture really meant a lot to her, so I did it.
It turned out to be an Amazing painting, one of the best I'd ever done. She liked it so much she ended up keeping it herself and asking me to make a print of it for her daughter instead! I did and sold a couple more to others too. It seemed to really hit a note with people. I put a picture of it on my business card and got a lot of work from people seeing it. One girl loved it so much she even got a tattoo of it! She had lost a baby and felt it was her baby in God's hands.
Anyway a few years down the line and I have a different view about this whole "other peoples art" thingy.
I was obviously meant to paint that picture. And maybe Anne Geddes would feel flattered that I was so impressed by her photograph I felt inspired to paint it?
Anyway It's taken me a long time to get to this point.
As much as I respect other peoples views and like getting differen't opinions, I do what I want now. I'm not put off by what another person thinks it takes to make an Artist.
I know who I am and I know what I like doing and what I enjoy doing.
I will not let myself be defined by other peoples opinions. I'm gonna do what makes me happy and enjoy making Art whatever way I feel like it! :)
And if people like it great, if not. who cares? I'm not painting to suit them, I'm doing it for me.